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Reads wind speed over a large range, 0 - 15 m/s.

Not sensitive to wind direction.

Campbell Scientific datalogger compatible.

Easy to use, returns wind speed directly with no data analysis required.

Program is simple and straightforward.

Easy incorporation with other sensors for applications requiring multiple biophysical readings.

Pre-calibrated with no subsequent calibration required.

The Anemometer's unique characteristics are small size and superior performance at low windspeeds where other anemometers cannot measure.


  • Wind speed monitoring in greenhouses
  • Point wind speed determination
  • Wind speed determination in all types of plant canopies


Range: 0 to 15 m/s
Accuracy: ±20 cm/s
Precision: 10%
Dimensions: Handle is 25 x 13 x 13 mm long, Needle is 60mm long, 1.27mm diameter.
Cable length: 2m standard (additional cable length available upon request).
Material: Stainless steel needle in epoxy body.
Temperature Sensor: 10K Precision Thermistor.


The stainless steel needle is more robust alternative to heated wire or ceramic needle anemometers. It takes an unheated temperature reading, then heats the needle for a set length of time. A final temperature reading is taken. The temperature difference is used to determine the wind speed. By using the same heating each time and monitoring its ability to heat, the wind speed is calculated and given. for datalogger compatibility.